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The rodent invasion recently had a significant impact on France. People are scrambling to find ways to keep rats away as rodenticide resistance is on the rise. By avoiding damage and reducing pest control expenses, the use of preventative measures saves time and money. The problem can be solved by plugging the holes, covering the exposed pipes and clearing the area of waste and food, but this is not always enough.

If you have a zero tolerance policy for rodents, the Rodent Repellent RatMat is for you. The RatMat functions as an electric fence on the ground. In tests, when connected to a power supply, it completely prevents rodents from crossing the barrier. However, the system can be driven and walked on while wearing shoes. With hundreds of thousands of hours of use, we've never had a car hit while parked on the RatMat. These are automobiles that have previously suffered damage from rats or mice in areas where rodent activity is rampant. 

Ignoring rodents can get costly; modern vehicle wiring is coated in plant-based plastic, making vehicles a warm, dry environment with a ready supply of things to gnaw on and eat.

Modern vehicles also use soy protein in their metal casings as well as PVC. It is more attractive to rodents. Rats' teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, so to wear them down they must gnaw on hard objects. Your automobile wires are ideal for these pests and your vehicle deteriorate because of it. 

Expensive contracts are the norm for pest control companies. It can cost hundreds of dollars to hire a Pest Controller to come to your home after just one rat infestation. They can drop bait or set traps, but that doesn't guarantee results. 

Rodents learn what harms them and will therefore learn to avoid traps. Some rodents have developed resistance to certain rodenticides so after only a few generations are not harmed by these products. The result, more rodenticide is needed, which can cause more environmental problems. 

The rodent problem is not improving; it's getting worse. RatMat is the only realistic solution. Your automobile is at risk of catastrophic damage from rats and mice. 

Whether you want to protect your electric car, motorhome, tractor or truck from damage, RatMat is the best car deterrent in France.

It is durable, not harmful to the environment. Rodents can cause various problems in cars. 

Some of the most common issues include:

Chewed wiring. Rodents like to gnaw on wires, which can cause electrical problems and even start fires in extreme cases.

Damaged insulation. Rodents can damage your car's engine compartment insulation, which can lead to heat damage or other problems.

Contaminated air conditioning system. Rodents can build nests in your car's air conditioning system, which can lead to a foul odor and poor air quality.

Clogged air filters.


Rodents can build nests in your car's air filters, which can reduce airflow and decrease the efficiency of your engine.

Damaged upholstery. Rodents can gnaw through seats, headrests and other interior components, causing costly damage.

Significantly devalue your. Cars showing signs of rodent damage can be a hard sell and can lose value.

Health hazards. Rodents can carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. It is therefore important to take steps to prevent them from infesting your car.

Note baits or snap-traps are intended to kill the rodent, it is your responsibility to remove the dead animal in a safe manner that does not cause secondary contamination. Capture and release alive is not only illegal, but causes more suffering to the rodent than a quick kill. The RatMat gives an electric shock to prevent it from gaining access to your vehicle

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Rodents can carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. Rodents can carry various diseases. These include hantavirus, leptospirosis, and salmonella, among others. 

Additionally, rodents can also carry parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites, which can also be transmitted to humans. Exposure to these diseases and parasites can be especially problematic in a confined space like a car, where the risk of exposure can be high. 

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